Here are the things I’m drooling over today, adding some to my shopping cart, and in love with all. B1

Cute valentine’s from here. Reminds me so much of my little fold up Lisa Frank stationary I had as a child.



This new website. I could stare at the beautiful fabrics and textures all day. The hype is that it is anthropologie’s new go at weddings. Can’t wait- unveils on Feb 14th!



Katie Daisy’s newest artwork found here. I want it, I need it. I am a huge lover of her work.



The new book from Pioneer Woman. She is hilarious, my daily dose of curious blogging. I love her confessions. You can buy her book, which came out today on amazon. It focuses on her change from a city girl to country girl, and the little taste given on her blog awhile back has had me dying to hear the full story!