I don’t know about where ya’ll live but in Salt Lake, we have been hit by some freezing cold weather this week. Luckily before it hit, we got out and took a little hike while the weather was still warm and were blessed to come across this little pack of five deer, I didn’t have a zoom lens on my camera, so what you see is how close they let us get!DSC_2586 copy2

The beautiful does at sunset



I love their little white tails!



Shortly after staring at us for a bit they got in a little herd and started plotting….DSC_2618

and we started leaving! We weren’t ready for a fight so after they started walking towards us we bowed out and thanked them for the beautiful scene! We were so lucky to see them and get to be in their little area for a bit!

After leaving we found a little park and finished off our night with some good old fashioned motion sickening fun:


Hope all of your weeks were great and that you stayed warm!