We were pretty busy over the long weekend, Brandon’s family on his mom’s side was all down in St. George so we went down to join the group.DSC00409

On Friday, we went for a walk down to the capitol. It was warm out and the sunset was absolutely beautiful.


Ignore my hair lookin awful but we also went to a University of Utah gymnastics meet on Friday night. The Institute was giving out free tickets


13,000 people jammed in that place!


Saturday afternoon was my very best friend Lyndsey’s bridal shower. Destination Wedding. There was food from around the world, vintage postcards strung on the walls, and all the games were based on travel and places. So cute!DSC00442DSC00444

Brandon’s grandparent’s backyard is like a dinosaur museum. They turned this cave into a play house for their grandchildren and inside it there is a set of dinosaur tracks. Back behind the fence there are a bunch too so we want to climb the mountain next time we get to come down. DSC00448

I should have taken pictures with all the family, and people did, I just have to figure out who so I can steal them! What did you do for the long weekend?