We have been in Utah for approximately eight weeks and have eight left to go, we are HALFWAY!!!! Now the longest I have ever been away from my hometown is 12 weeks, this time it’s 16, 15 if we are lucky. Really lucky. So finally being at the half way mark has made me realize that it hasn’t been too horrible and maybe I can manage the other half. But I am ready to go back to Georgia. I miss my cat, my nieces and nephews, the beautiful lake, and sunshine!So to cure my sickness, here are some of my favorite pictures from last year:

DSC_8889 copy

Pretty little Aubrey was born at the end of 2009


Baby Handsome (not his legal name) turned one! We share a birthday


We celebrated Easter in style:


But too much Easter Egg Hunting and candy leads to tired familiesE2E

I think I will continue this tomorrow starting with May!