Bed rest. How dare you show your face around here, right when I was hitting my nesting phase, right when all I want to do is be productive? In the first and second trimesters, and even in the first half of this one, you would have been a welcome friend, a relief, a vacation, but now, you have to show up as an unwelcome visitor. I hope you do not plan to stay long. In the meantime, I have to find a way to balance my need for getting things done, and my body’s need for me to remain as immobile as possible.


my first of two pre-term labor hospital visits before being put on bed rest and Procardia


When we first starting trying to get pregnant, I decided I was going to be that pregnant girl. The one who looks months behind, always seems happy, glows like the sun, works out until the day they have the baby, and then does labor 100% natural without breaking a sweat. Clearly, I’ve never been pregnant before.

While I consider my pregnancy extremely easy compared to others, pregnancy is far from easy. Worth it, yes. Beautiful, yes. Easy, no. And the beauty of it, is from what I hear, everyone misses it once it’s over. So I’ll celebrate the pre-term labor, the bedrest, and having so much trouble putting on my shoes!

I guess this little guy just can’t wait to meet us, but here’s to at least two more weeks of him baking in there and to me not going crazy in bed for these last few weeks!