This weekend, Brandon and I went to the semi-annual Cotton Pickin’ Fair in Gay, Georgia. This is one of my favorite fairs but I haven’t been in years! I was so excited when Brandon said he wanted to change our plans for the weekend and head here instead. He’s so good to me. I had such a good time taking in the day. For those who have never been or heard of the Cotton Pickin’ Fair, it is full of vintage clothing, antiques, crafts, music, comfort foods, farm fresh vegetables, and people having a good ole’ time in a historic town! Oh, and cotton too, of course.


DSC_7137DSC_7141DSC_7064DSC_7059DSC_7131DSC_7066Mason Jars

They had a lot of really neat old factory and processing buildings that have been restored and had vendors inside of them. I love the history of these old places, and the ceiling in the one above was breathtaking.


I LOVE me some cotton candy. Can’t get enough of this stuff!


We had such a good time and picked up some great finds as well as got some great inspiration from local crafters. Another great about this fair is the road it’s on is always lined with yard sales and farmer’s stands the weekend of the fair so you can get some great deals and neat finds at those too. All and all here is what ended up coming home with us:

Vintage Haul

An antique scale, a vintage cowboy shirt for the baby, a vintage paper towel holder (which is missing the dowel that holds the paper towels, so we were able to get it dirt cheap) some cotton (of course, it’s everywhere!), and a pretty hydrangea for my mother.


The vintage scale was by far my favorite find. I have been looking for one ever since I saw the one on this blog. Her’s is beautiful and I loved the idea of having one in the kitchen. When I saw the floral scroll on the side, I knew I had to had this one. The detail is so pretty.

Pink Hydrangeas

There were a lot of local farmer’s selling fresh eggs, vegetables, and plants at the fair as well as up and down the roads surrounding it. We picked up this bright bunch of hydrangeas to give to my mother for mother’s day. I am very pro supporting local agriculture and wish we had been able to stop at more of the stands to get some veggies and other plants but we simply didn’t have time. The day went too fast and I’m looking forward to going again another year!