We took Sawyer to his first concert last night!


We were prepared and bought him little infant ear muffs for gun ranges to block out the sound and thank goodness we did, it was loud in there! He was so good the whole time since he couldn’t hear much; he fell asleep near the beginning and slept almost the whole time! He kept smiling, he must have thought everything looked funny with no sound.


I am notorious for being a music addict and prior to this year, I have been to at least three or four big concerts every year since I was 13. I live on this stuff. I just love everything about the music industry in general- the concerts, the music, the atmosphere, the noise, the setting up, taking down, all of it. I didn’t expect to get to see any shows this soon after having Sawyer and I was having withdrawals. I haven’t been to a real concert since last July, short for some, but that’s probably the longest I’ve gone in years. I was so excited when Brandon surprised me with tickets to the Sugarland concert, it was perfect timing. We picked the awesome baby noise-cancelling ear muffs up on amazon.com. I knew there was no way we could take Sawyer without them, and with them, he was one happy baby! He was so good the whole time we were there.

On Our Way to the Show!

Getting to the show!

As for the show- it was amazing. I had seen Sugarland years and years ago at the Variety Playhouse here in Atlanta, but back then they were much smaller (they didn’t even have their first CD out yet). They were awesome then, but it was really neat seeing them in a huge venue performing for this many people. I have seen a lot of bands play, but I love seeing when the artist truly enjoy what they are doing and last night you could just see that the two of them were loving every minute of it. Jennifer was all over the place- she has so much energy and she’s pregnant! I sure wasn’t running around like that when I was preggo. She was so cute though, and has no fears- she flashed her maternity panel pants to the crowd and sang “Ice, Ice, Baby.” And it was good. I could go on forever about the concert. I can go on forever about music in general, but you’re probably bored and need to get back to your own life, so I’ll conclude- go see Sugarland in concert. You won’t regret it. Especially if you have a cute, happy baby in your arms.