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I used to pride myself on the fact that I rarely cried. Don’t ask why, cause I’m not really sure, but I thought I was cool because I never showed emotion. I thought I was tough.

Then I got married. Then I had a baby.

Now, it is extremely easy to make me cry. Pull out Sawyer’s “coming home from the hospital” outfit. Gets me all watery just thinking about it.DSC_8244

Then start showing me pictures of our families. Tears start forming.

Then remind me I have to get up at six tomorrow. That’ll do it for sure.

Yay for being a mom. Yay for learning what toughness really is. And patience, and love, and service.

P.S.- When did this happen?


4 months old on Saturday!


We had such a fun month and Sawyer made some big milestones!


We rang in the new month by a fun trip to the beach for a week-



He started sleeping!!!!



But when he wakes up, all he wants to do is play and play and play!

DSC01397Happy BoyMomandSon

He kept growing and growing and growing…


He went to his very first concert!



And now we are off to the lake for the weekend- Sawyer’s first camping trip! Happy Labor Day!

SunSetSpanish moss, walks on the pier, sandy baby toes, afternoon naps, family, spontaneous trips to other islands, beach hair… why would I ever want to leave?


Simple answer- I didn’t

Spanish Moss

But, life goes on. We can’t all get to live in Paradise, but it is nice to visit

We loved our week at the beach, Sawyer was the best I’ve ever seen him. He has finally started coming out of the colic, and sometimes I get worried because he is content for so long. He’s more playful than ever, and talks all day long. Not sweet little coos, instead it is loud shrieks and yells, but they are happy and that’s what I love! I’m loving my time with him, and am trying to enjoy every minute of his growing up, I can’t believe is so big already. Next thing I know he’ll be in college! Mercy…


Every morning we do tummy time in Sawyer’s room. I began setting these three toys in front of him a few weeks ago and he loves them. Once he looks up, he lights up and smiles like they are old friend’s he hasn’t seen in a long time. He can spent a relatively long time just cooing and shrieking at them happily, like they are having a great conversation. No other toys will do, just the donkey, cow, and pig.

TummyTime (2)

It usually ends with a good drool on his hands.


10 weeks. 15 pounds. We got a big’un on our hands.

Sawyer has started exploring the world around him the last few weeks. In the mornings he sits on my legs and we take turns cooing back and forth. He’s pretty good at matching my pitch. Today for the first time, he noticed the mirror above his swing and sat happily watching himself and the mobile for a few minutes. He doesn’t like to stay in one place long, he’s a very active baby! On Saturday, he discovered his right hand; it was funny watching him look intently at it as he opened and closed it. His fussiness is settling down and he is seems to have a sense of humor. When he peed all over Brandon the other day, he smiled the biggest smile right afterwards. We may have a mischievous little boy on our hands.


Oh, and he is getting so chubby!!


Last week, we had Sawyer’s blessing at church. We were so lucky and blessed to have so much family come. We had a huge dinner afterwards with forty nine people not including us, it was a blast! Sawyer looked like a stud in his ruched blessing romper and hat. He’s rubbed all the hair off the top of his head so now he looks like a little old man without one on!

DSC_0154 - Copy

DSC_0160 - Copy

I love how crazy he looks here!


First, we welcomed this little cutey into the world!

Sawyer2 (2)

He met lots and lots and lots of family in the first few days!

2 (3)2

He came home from the hospital, but had to make four more visits for Jaundice over the next four days

34 (2)45

He started getting chubby and gaining weight

6 (2)

And I tried to start losing it!


We started getting lots and lots of little baby smiles


And took plenty of naps!


Sawyer met his first friend, his cousin Bennett, who is eight days older than him

1011 (1)11 (2)

He took his first two trips to the Lake and loved the water!


Life is busy for this boy!

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