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LaborDayatheLake (5)

Has your Labor Day weekend ever looked so cute before? Mine neither.LaborDayatheLake (3)LaborDayatheLake (4)


He’s a fish. He just wanted to swing or be in the water. Don’t mind my horrible, brassy highlights. They have been fixed. Finally. Thank goodness.


SunSetSpanish moss, walks on the pier, sandy baby toes, afternoon naps, family, spontaneous trips to other islands, beach hair… why would I ever want to leave?


Simple answer- I didn’t

Spanish Moss

But, life goes on. We can’t all get to live in Paradise, but it is nice to visit

We loved our week at the beach, Sawyer was the best I’ve ever seen him. He has finally started coming out of the colic, and sometimes I get worried because he is content for so long. He’s more playful than ever, and talks all day long. Not sweet little coos, instead it is loud shrieks and yells, but they are happy and that’s what I love! I’m loving my time with him, and am trying to enjoy every minute of his growing up, I can’t believe is so big already. Next thing I know he’ll be in college! Mercy…

OakHillCemetary2We are spending this week at the beach, and decided to make a pit stop at a family grave on the way. I hadn’t been in awhile, and wanted to take Brandon and Sawyer.

FrederickGardnerOakHillCemetaryBirds Of the featherOakHillGraveFlowersCuteBaby

Oak Hill Cemetery, in Griffin, Georgia is filled with graves of soldiers, and large family plots. Ours is no different, my great-great-grandfather, a civil war veteran, and my great-great-grandmother are buried there along with other relatives. I try to keep a good sense of family history and hope that my children will have one too, I think it’s important to remember where you came from and those who got us where we are.


We also made sure that Sawyer got a good stretch; he had a lot of fun “flying” and walking around with us! He loves playing with his Dad!


I love his big smiles! He has been so happy lately!

Happy Boy


Now for a fun week at the beach! I’m sure there will be twice as many freckles when I post on the way home!


Rocking ChairDSC_0298SwimmingDSC_0300DSC_0293DSC_0279Tube on the Lake


Last week when my brother and his family were in town, we wanted to come up with fun activities for the kids that didn’t break the bank. With 15 grandchildren on my parents side, any activity that is pay-per-person tends to get very pricey. We got the idea of taking the kids gold mining, and then realized we could do it ourselves in a river near our lake property.


We took the four wheelers over to the river, Sawyer rode in the Baby Bjorn, which made it really easy and fun to take him


Then we spent the morning sliding down the waterfalls and more importantly, “gold mining”

GoldMining (5)GoldMining (3)GoldMining (2)DSC_9047GoldMining (4)

All it took was some pot lids, a shovel, and tupperwares for their “gold.” We anticipated that they would have fun finding the Pyrite and acting like it was gold, but they really were just happy to find any rock that was a little shiny and put it in their tupperware. They were rich! One of my nephews even claimed to be finding ancient Indian spears and arrowheads :) The kids were happy to spend hours just collecting rocks!


Even the adults had fun seeing what they could find, I think they enjoyed it more than the kids!


We love this location. The smooth downslope of the river makes for great sliding and swimming at the bottom, the kids could play here all day



Sawyer was happy to sleep on his Grandpa and watch. He does love being outside and in the water. I want our kids to play outside and explore as much as possible!


Beautiful place, beautiful day!


This weekend, Brandon and I went to the semi-annual Cotton Pickin’ Fair in Gay, Georgia. This is one of my favorite fairs but I haven’t been in years! I was so excited when Brandon said he wanted to change our plans for the weekend and head here instead. He’s so good to me. I had such a good time taking in the day. For those who have never been or heard of the Cotton Pickin’ Fair, it is full of vintage clothing, antiques, crafts, music, comfort foods, farm fresh vegetables, and people having a good ole’ time in a historic town! Oh, and cotton too, of course.


DSC_7137DSC_7141DSC_7064DSC_7059DSC_7131DSC_7066Mason Jars

They had a lot of really neat old factory and processing buildings that have been restored and had vendors inside of them. I love the history of these old places, and the ceiling in the one above was breathtaking.


I LOVE me some cotton candy. Can’t get enough of this stuff!


We had such a good time and picked up some great finds as well as got some great inspiration from local crafters. Another great about this fair is the road it’s on is always lined with yard sales and farmer’s stands the weekend of the fair so you can get some great deals and neat finds at those too. All and all here is what ended up coming home with us:

Vintage Haul

An antique scale, a vintage cowboy shirt for the baby, a vintage paper towel holder (which is missing the dowel that holds the paper towels, so we were able to get it dirt cheap) some cotton (of course, it’s everywhere!), and a pretty hydrangea for my mother.


The vintage scale was by far my favorite find. I have been looking for one ever since I saw the one on this blog. Her’s is beautiful and I loved the idea of having one in the kitchen. When I saw the floral scroll on the side, I knew I had to had this one. The detail is so pretty.

Pink Hydrangeas

There were a lot of local farmer’s selling fresh eggs, vegetables, and plants at the fair as well as up and down the roads surrounding it. We picked up this bright bunch of hydrangeas to give to my mother for mother’s day. I am very pro supporting local agriculture and wish we had been able to stop at more of the stands to get some veggies and other plants but we simply didn’t have time. The day went too fast and I’m looking forward to going again another year!

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