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Menu on Table

This weekend was Becky’s baby shower. You may remember her cute backyard bridal shower that I blogged about here. Since she is doing a lamb theme in the nursery, we decided to celebrate the little baby with soft blues, sweet little lambs, and toile!

Toile Baby Shower Invitation



How cute is the fruit basket baby my Aunt Barb made?

On the Menu:

-Hummus and Pita Crisp

-Fresh Fruit Basket

-Pineapple Cheeseball with Crackers

-Deviled Eggs

-Chicken Salad Croissants

-Little Lamb Shaped Cookies


Lamb Baby Shower

For games we played the price is right, where guest had to try and guess the store price of various everyday baby items. We showed all the items, people wrote down their guesses and then after all of the items we revealed the real prices. Whose ever total was the least off won! It was really fun seeing how off we all were! We also played a little opt-in game called “Name that Baby Animal.” Each guest was given a list of animals that they had to write the baby version of next to; whoever got the most correct won.

Price is Right Game Baby ShowerBaby_Forecast_Game

Each guest also filled out a “Baby Forecast” card where they put their predictions for the baby. The momma-to-be got to take all of these home for fun when the baby is born. They also each have a great piece of advice!


We had such a good time and Baby Boy is already really spoiled! Congratulations Brock and Becky!


Moving while pregnant is never fun, and even though we’ve had so much time at home waiting for our little guy to come, it seems like there’s always more to do. Here are some pretty previews of our new home and the things we’ve been getting ready for our newest arrival!


A lot of parents get a bassinet or co-sleeper for the first few months so baby can be in their room and nearby so you don’t have to go too far for those late night feedings. I was so happy when my mother offered to let us use this family heirloom for that purpose. My Great-Grandpa handmade this cradle for their first baby. My Grandpa slept in it, inherited it, used it for all of his children, then when my mother had children, she used it for all six of us, and now our baby will be one of the third generation of babies to use this cradle. It is still is beautiful shape and I made a simple set of gingham flannel sheets and a soft matching blanket that matches our room. It fits right next to our bed so nicely and I’m happy to have a place for him to sleep with so much history!


Our bedroom. I love the pale blues and soft whites.


The baby’s room is not quite finished, I will post a whole post about it when it is done but I couldn’t wait to show off the changing table. Brandon made it himself; he has worked so hard and it is finally done! I had the hardest time finding a changing table I liked. I wanted something that hid everything, but was simple, and fit our shabby chic/country home, plus I wanted to some day be able to take the changing topper off and it to still be cute. This was the perfect solution for us. I can’t wait to post more about it and about the other things he built for the baby’s room, now we just need a baby to put in it!

The funny thing about having babies, is it seems like everyone has them at the same time. For example, at my baby shower last month, there were five other pregnant girls there, and two with babies under three months. So, with all these babies, and all the showers, I’ve been trying to get creative with the gifts I give. I love sewing and love giving homemade gifts, so I thought I’d share a little basket I put together for a friends shower this month.DSC_6582co

Bib, Burp Cloths, Pacifiers, Finger Puppets, and PeePee Teepees


I loved these little guys when I saw them, and picked up a pack for myself too. They are really soft, and I loved finger puppets as a kid so I added these in. The only other thing I bought were the pacifiers; mom’s can never have enough!


The bib I made is reversible with the same pattern on the back, it’s just a different color, and then I made two burp cloths to match. I always make burp cloths with Terry cloth on the back. It absorbs more and is soft on the babies skin. To make it even easier, rather than buying the expensive terry cloth at a fabric store, you can buy towels from a store when they go on sale and then cut them down. I think I made 8 or 9 burp cloths out of one towel, so you save a lot of money and have the same result.


The PeePee Teepees I made, I used my own pattern, which I can share later if you’d like ;), they are SO easy and can be made with the scraps from the towel you made the burp cloths out of. I think I whipped these four out in about ten-fifteen minutes.


I also made a set of birdie themed ones for our little guy!DSC_6929 - Copy

So tiny! I love it!


I used chenille from the fabric store on the back of these ones. It is so soft and was a great way to use leftover scraps I had from making blankets.

The best part about this present is that part of it is homemade, and it’s really easy for beginner sewers to make the boutique-style burp cloths and the peepee teepees. Put it all in a cute basket that the mom can use in the nursery and you are good to go! I bought a few different fabrics and made some other variations of this same set for other friends. It’s especially fun if you know what their nursery theme is and you can match it to that, like this girls theme is safari, so I chose fabrics with giraffes and elephants, and the like. I hope this gives you some good ideas too! Good luck!

I love printing off quotes and putting them around our home. I changed a few of mine out recently and thought I’d share one of my new ones with all of you! It’s made 8X10 because I rotate mine in and out of frames, but you can print it any size! Click to get the original and download it!


Doily Banner

I am finally getting to post one of my favorite showers I have ever done. This was a shower for my brothers soon-to-be (now is) wife. We wanted to do an outdoors, morning brunch with a mix of rustic and chic. On the invitations we put a small note saying “Summer Dress Attire Requested” to keep the feel of a summer soiree. I’m so happy with how it came together, it was a really nice, laid back shower. We had so much fun welcoming Becky to the family! 

Bowtie Napkins

Little napkin bows were on each place setting on top of a card with the brides name. Starting with each letter, guest wrote words of advice for the happy couple. The miniature silverware was tucked into the backside of each bow.

DSC_6258Rustic Centerpieces

Each centerpiece had a different, coordinating assortment of tin cans, mason jars, floral garlands, tea candles, and tissue flowers in varying shades of pinks, whites, and greens. We used wooden kitchen tables and chairs, mixing the chairs up between the tables to give it a shabby chic feel. This was great, because we needed to borrow a few anyways, so they didn’t look out of place! Stick to all wooden to keep the theme, but our chairs were all different sizes, and we even had a few white ones. Our tables were all different sizes and shapes too, we just made sure to use similar colored table clothes to tie it all together. I like the not too matchy matchy look anyways. For the brunch, we used gold chargers, gold rimmed plates, and mason jars as the cups.    

Birds of the FeatherBackyard Bridal ShowerBackyard Bridal ShowerBridal Shower FoodBridal Shower Food Bridal Shower FoodWatermelon Fruit BasketBridal Shower MuffinsRustic Bridal Shower FoodBridal Shower PunchMason Jar Drinks

On the Brunch Menu:

  • Muffin Buffet: Blueberry Streusel, Banana Nut, and Mountain Berry
  • Quiches: Spinach, Spinach & Cheese and Sausage & Cheese
  • Assorted Summer Fruits in a Watermelon Basket
  • Bite-size Ham & Cheese Sandwiches on Hawaiian Rolls
  • Southern Style Fresh Ambrosia
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Lemon Water
  • Strawberry Shortcake for dessert

Bridal Shower DecorationsDSC_6296DSC_6307Backyard Bridal Shower

Strawberry Shortcake Shower

Once the guest were done eating and mingling, we played a little game where the bride had to guess how the groom answered a list of questions. We asked the groom the questions the week before, video taped it, and showed his answers on a projector screen after she gave her guess to the question. This was really fun to watch, and was a good way for friends of the groom to get to know the couple better! After the game, she opened her gifts and then we brought out strawberry shortcake in dessert glasses. Favors were horse shoe key chains that had a small note saying “Thank you for coming and wishing the happy couple good luck!”

Kitty Cat

Even Miss Kitty joined us for a few minutes at the end!


I love bridal showers and this just makes me want to do another one! We had so much fun, and if you decide to do your own backyard bridal shower, leave us a comment with the pictures; we’d love to see them!



Backyard Bridal Shower Brunch

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