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Last week when my brother and his family were in town, we wanted to come up with fun activities for the kids that didn’t break the bank. With 15 grandchildren on my parents side, any activity that is pay-per-person tends to get very pricey. We got the idea of taking the kids gold mining, and then realized we could do it ourselves in a river near our lake property.


We took the four wheelers over to the river, Sawyer rode in the Baby Bjorn, which made it really easy and fun to take him


Then we spent the morning sliding down the waterfalls and more importantly, “gold mining”

GoldMining (5)GoldMining (3)GoldMining (2)DSC_9047GoldMining (4)

All it took was some pot lids, a shovel, and tupperwares for their “gold.” We anticipated that they would have fun finding the Pyrite and acting like it was gold, but they really were just happy to find any rock that was a little shiny and put it in their tupperware. They were rich! One of my nephews even claimed to be finding ancient Indian spears and arrowheads :) The kids were happy to spend hours just collecting rocks!


Even the adults had fun seeing what they could find, I think they enjoyed it more than the kids!


We love this location. The smooth downslope of the river makes for great sliding and swimming at the bottom, the kids could play here all day



Sawyer was happy to sleep on his Grandpa and watch. He does love being outside and in the water. I want our kids to play outside and explore as much as possible!


Beautiful place, beautiful day!


DSC_6356 copy2

This is my niece, Kate. Beautiful, Funny, and Smart. The other day after church, she asked me “How long after you have your baby will it come out of the egg?”

I love six year olds. I love their innocence. I love that she thinks I’m a chicken. I almost wanted to tell her it would be a few days and I would have to sit on the egg to keep it warm, but I resisted. I’m excited to have my own little curious kid that I have to explain life’s mysteries to.

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