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Ever since I came off of the Procardia, we have been excitingly awaiting the arrival of our little guy. Most people who come off Procardia go into labor within days, and we were sure we’d be the same. We joked that he’d wait weeks to come, but he must take after my stubbornness because it’s been a week and a half now and no baby.


(I forgot to put the camera back on auto focus when Brandon took pictures of me so this is the only one that came out, but I included it for reference. Promise I don’t look that small from the side. This is pleasingly deceptive)

Last Wednesday, I started having contractions, they got to three minutes apart, not too painful or anything, but close together and they have just kind of stayed that way since then. They even had us come in just to make sure they were real contractions, which they are, but they don’t want to keep me until they get really bad. So for a week and two days now, I’ve been having three minute apart contractions almost 24/7. Sometimes they get really really painful for about an hour, and then just return to mildly painful again. I think he just likes to taunt us!

The good thing is, Brandon and I have been able to get loads done. We moved, set up everything at the new house, Brandon finished building the baby’s changing table, set up the nursery, I sewed lots and lots of baby blankets and burp cloths, went to the hospital once, went on a date, finished all of the thank you cards for baby presents, sold things we didn’t need, prepared frozen meals for when baby comes, visited with Brandon’s cousins who were in town, and a lot more small things. That makes us sound quite productive and busy, but there was still a lot of waiting, and will be since we worked so hard to get everthing done in the first few days. We’re just so excited for our son to come and I’m so close to having him that we can’t help but think about him all the time! I have to remember though, a watched pot does not boil. But my hopes are still high that he will come soon, although it has been 9 days since I went in last to be checked, was having tons of contractions and the midwife said “go home and walk around, I’m sure we’ll see you back here in full on labor in a few hours.” I wish! But we are so happy that he’s taking his time to get healthy and we know he’ll come when he’s good and ready!


Bed rest. How dare you show your face around here, right when I was hitting my nesting phase, right when all I want to do is be productive? In the first and second trimesters, and even in the first half of this one, you would have been a welcome friend, a relief, a vacation, but now, you have to show up as an unwelcome visitor. I hope you do not plan to stay long. In the meantime, I have to find a way to balance my need for getting things done, and my body’s need for me to remain as immobile as possible.


my first of two pre-term labor hospital visits before being put on bed rest and Procardia


When we first starting trying to get pregnant, I decided I was going to be that pregnant girl. The one who looks months behind, always seems happy, glows like the sun, works out until the day they have the baby, and then does labor 100% natural without breaking a sweat. Clearly, I’ve never been pregnant before.

While I consider my pregnancy extremely easy compared to others, pregnancy is far from easy. Worth it, yes. Beautiful, yes. Easy, no. And the beauty of it, is from what I hear, everyone misses it once it’s over. So I’ll celebrate the pre-term labor, the bedrest, and having so much trouble putting on my shoes!

I guess this little guy just can’t wait to meet us, but here’s to at least two more weeks of him baking in there and to me not going crazy in bed for these last few weeks!


How far along? 34 Weeks!

Maternity Clothes? Not in these pictures!

Stretch Marks? None! I WILL make it the whole way through without them! (power of positive thinking)

Sleep: Would love more!

Miss anything? A flat tummy?

Movement: More than ever. And you’ve been able to see it for a long time but now you can really see him when he stretches out or rolls over.

Food cravings: I’d like to blame my dessert every night on cravings…

Anything making you queazy? Not really, thought I’m stopped up from a cold so I can’t smell anything.

Labor signs: Lots! Braxton Hicks everyday, and my body is showing signs of preparing.

Symptoms: A giant belly that rolls?

Belly button In or out? Still in! I thought it would pop but it hasn’t yet.

Wedding ring still fit? Perfectly!

Happy or Moody? Sad to say, moody. I am so happy most of the time but it’s easy to make me cry. But at least I know why I’m crying so I don’t take it out on anyone.

Looking forward to: The moment I get to kiss those sweet little cheeks for the first time and see his face!

Third Trimester

This little guy has already been spoiled SO much! This month we had the cutest vintage-book inspired baby shower and both me and the baby were so spoiled! It had such cute decorations and the most amazing food. Here are just a few of the highlights!


We had lemonade in mason jars on ice, already made up with fresh fruit, these were so cute and delicious!



Lyndsey’s record player played vintage records, setting the perfect, laid-back, outdoor mood.


Guest signed the sweetest nursery book that I can’t wait to read to our little boy when he comes! It’s was such a sweet touch, and so special to have kind words from all of the people that came to remember the day.


Pictures of the baby bump were on the table with fresh flowers and blue mason jars


I wish I’d gotten more photos of the food. On the menu: Chickfila Chicken Nuggets, Fresh Fruit and Veggies, an amazing Spinach dip, Pie Pops, and a D.I.Y. S’mores station! That was probably my favorite part, I stayed very close to that table all afternoon!



This little guy got so many present! Both he and I are so spoiled already, I had so much fun getting all the things we need to get our nest ready for him! The tiny clothes, tiny baby-size camo boots, his bedding, a swing, not to mention tons more cute and necessary things! I feel so blessed!


Thank you to the wonderful ladies who threw my shower- Elizabeth Jones, Lyndsey Crose, and Maddie Gardner! Lyndsey took some of these pictures, check out her recap of the party over at the Winsome Life!

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