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The other day, Brandon reminded me that Sawyer in fact, does not look like me. So I present it to you for your own decision making. Does he look like me? My mind is already made up…

Sawyer on the left, me on the right.


Sawyer three days old next to my three day old photo.One

Serious Faces


Smiling faces. I’m a bit older here than he is. And chubbier.


Our matching profiles


Yup, he looks nothing like me ;)


We had such a fun month and Sawyer made some big milestones!


We rang in the new month by a fun trip to the beach for a week-



He started sleeping!!!!



But when he wakes up, all he wants to do is play and play and play!

DSC01397Happy BoyMomandSon

He kept growing and growing and growing…


He went to his very first concert!



And now we are off to the lake for the weekend- Sawyer’s first camping trip! Happy Labor Day!

Today, for the first time in months, I walked into the bathroom and recognized myself.

The last three months have been wonderful, happy, empowering, etc, but also extremely tiring, which showed up on my face. I know every mom knows this. So when I would drag myself to the bathroom in the morning, I would look at my reflection and think- is this what I’m going to look like for the rest of my life? First it was the pregnancy chubby face, and now a haggard face?

Then today, I looked in the mirror and was surprised. Sure there were still faint dark circles under my eyes, spit up on my shirt, messy hair, and extra pounds, but beneath all of that I could see myself.  And to top it off, I’m finally able to count the pounds I have left to lose on my hands, rather than needing a few people to lend me their fingers. It feels marvelous.

What is it that brought me this amazing and much missed feeling? Sawyer slept last night.


Not for eight hours or anything, no where near it, actually. But the little boy who usually makes lots of noise, and rolls, and wakes up every hour (or more often), slept quietly for five hours, then two, then three, then two again. When he woke up after five, I was worried he’d woken up but I was so tired that I didn’t hear him, but I really think he just slept the whole time. This morning, I got up and got ready before he even started throwing that head around. It felt so good to take my time getting ready.

While I was enjoying some time to myself, I had to time to catch up on some blogs and came across this blog. Reading Christi and Jeremy’s sweet stories about their beautiful children made me even more grateful for mine. If you need a pick me upper, something new to read, or just want to check it out, go read their blog A Road Less Traveled. It is touching. Feeling grateful this morning.


Every morning we do tummy time in Sawyer’s room. I began setting these three toys in front of him a few weeks ago and he loves them. Once he looks up, he lights up and smiles like they are old friend’s he hasn’t seen in a long time. He can spent a relatively long time just cooing and shrieking at them happily, like they are having a great conversation. No other toys will do, just the donkey, cow, and pig.

TummyTime (2)

It usually ends with a good drool on his hands.


10 weeks. 15 pounds. We got a big’un on our hands.

Sawyer has started exploring the world around him the last few weeks. In the mornings he sits on my legs and we take turns cooing back and forth. He’s pretty good at matching my pitch. Today for the first time, he noticed the mirror above his swing and sat happily watching himself and the mobile for a few minutes. He doesn’t like to stay in one place long, he’s a very active baby! On Saturday, he discovered his right hand; it was funny watching him look intently at it as he opened and closed it. His fussiness is settling down and he is seems to have a sense of humor. When he peed all over Brandon the other day, he smiled the biggest smile right afterwards. We may have a mischievous little boy on our hands.


Oh, and he is getting so chubby!!


Last week, we had Sawyer’s blessing at church. We were so lucky and blessed to have so much family come. We had a huge dinner afterwards with forty nine people not including us, it was a blast! Sawyer looked like a stud in his ruched blessing romper and hat. He’s rubbed all the hair off the top of his head so now he looks like a little old man without one on!

DSC_0154 - Copy

DSC_0160 - Copy

I love how crazy he looks here!



Angel Blanket

Birds of the featherBirdsOftheFeather

Thank you to Aunt Barb for the beautiful blanket made by Kathi. She makes absolutely beautiful quilts! Check them out at Quilting By Kathi.

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