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We had such a fun month and Sawyer made some big milestones!


We rang in the new month by a fun trip to the beach for a week-



He started sleeping!!!!



But when he wakes up, all he wants to do is play and play and play!

DSC01397Happy BoyMomandSon

He kept growing and growing and growing…


He went to his very first concert!



And now we are off to the lake for the weekend- Sawyer’s first camping trip! Happy Labor Day!


Sawyer’s First Concert

We took Sawyer to his first concert last night!


We were prepared and bought him little infant ear muffs for gun ranges to block out the sound and thank goodness we did, it was loud in there! He was so good the whole time since he couldn’t hear much; he fell asleep near the beginning and slept almost the whole time! He kept smiling, he must have thought everything looked funny with no sound.


I am notorious for being a music addict and prior to this year, I have been to at least three or four big concerts every year since I was 13. I live on this stuff. I just love everything about the music industry in general- the concerts, the music, the atmosphere, the noise, the setting up, taking down, all of it. I didn’t expect to get to see any shows this soon after having Sawyer and I was having withdrawals. I haven’t been to a real concert since last July, short for some, but that’s probably the longest I’ve gone in years. I was so excited when Brandon surprised me with tickets to the Sugarland concert, it was perfect timing. We picked the awesome baby noise-cancelling ear muffs up on I knew there was no way we could take Sawyer without them, and with them, he was one happy baby! He was so good the whole time we were there.

On Our Way to the Show!

Getting to the show!

As for the show- it was amazing. I had seen Sugarland years and years ago at the Variety Playhouse here in Atlanta, but back then they were much smaller (they didn’t even have their first CD out yet). They were awesome then, but it was really neat seeing them in a huge venue performing for this many people. I have seen a lot of bands play, but I love seeing when the artist truly enjoy what they are doing and last night you could just see that the two of them were loving every minute of it. Jennifer was all over the place- she has so much energy and she’s pregnant! I sure wasn’t running around like that when I was preggo. She was so cute though, and has no fears- she flashed her maternity panel pants to the crowd and sang “Ice, Ice, Baby.” And it was good. I could go on forever about the concert. I can go on forever about music in general, but you’re probably bored and need to get back to your own life, so I’ll conclude- go see Sugarland in concert. You won’t regret it. Especially if you have a cute, happy baby in your arms.

Vanessa and Nate’s Gorgeous Vintage Inspired Wedding


The dress, the details, the day. I loved everything about this wedding I shot last month. Enjoy!


Loved it!

Looking In the Mirror

Today, for the first time in months, I walked into the bathroom and recognized myself.

The last three months have been wonderful, happy, empowering, etc, but also extremely tiring, which showed up on my face. I know every mom knows this. So when I would drag myself to the bathroom in the morning, I would look at my reflection and think- is this what I’m going to look like for the rest of my life? First it was the pregnancy chubby face, and now a haggard face?

Then today, I looked in the mirror and was surprised. Sure there were still faint dark circles under my eyes, spit up on my shirt, messy hair, and extra pounds, but beneath all of that I could see myself.  And to top it off, I’m finally able to count the pounds I have left to lose on my hands, rather than needing a few people to lend me their fingers. It feels marvelous.

What is it that brought me this amazing and much missed feeling? Sawyer slept last night.


Not for eight hours or anything, no where near it, actually. But the little boy who usually makes lots of noise, and rolls, and wakes up every hour (or more often), slept quietly for five hours, then two, then three, then two again. When he woke up after five, I was worried he’d woken up but I was so tired that I didn’t hear him, but I really think he just slept the whole time. This morning, I got up and got ready before he even started throwing that head around. It felt so good to take my time getting ready.

While I was enjoying some time to myself, I had to time to catch up on some blogs and came across this blog. Reading Christi and Jeremy’s sweet stories about their beautiful children made me even more grateful for mine. If you need a pick me upper, something new to read, or just want to check it out, go read their blog A Road Less Traveled. It is touching. Feeling grateful this morning.

St. Simons Island

SunSetSpanish moss, walks on the pier, sandy baby toes, afternoon naps, family, spontaneous trips to other islands, beach hair… why would I ever want to leave?


Simple answer- I didn’t

Spanish Moss

But, life goes on. We can’t all get to live in Paradise, but it is nice to visit

We loved our week at the beach, Sawyer was the best I’ve ever seen him. He has finally started coming out of the colic, and sometimes I get worried because he is content for so long. He’s more playful than ever, and talks all day long. Not sweet little coos, instead it is loud shrieks and yells, but they are happy and that’s what I love! I’m loving my time with him, and am trying to enjoy every minute of his growing up, I can’t believe is so big already. Next thing I know he’ll be in college! Mercy…

Cotton Pickin Goodness

It’s not me to ask for favors, but if you have some time and feel so inclined, I’d love for you to vote for my picture in the Cotton Pickin’ Fair’s contest. All you have to do is like the photo on facebook! You can get to it by clicking here or click on the photo below! Thank you!!!



OakHillCemetary2We are spending this week at the beach, and decided to make a pit stop at a family grave on the way. I hadn’t been in awhile, and wanted to take Brandon and Sawyer.

FrederickGardnerOakHillCemetaryBirds Of the featherOakHillGraveFlowersCuteBaby

Oak Hill Cemetery, in Griffin, Georgia is filled with graves of soldiers, and large family plots. Ours is no different, my great-great-grandfather, a civil war veteran, and my great-great-grandmother are buried there along with other relatives. I try to keep a good sense of family history and hope that my children will have one too, I think it’s important to remember where you came from and those who got us where we are.


We also made sure that Sawyer got a good stretch; he had a lot of fun “flying” and walking around with us! He loves playing with his Dad!


I love his big smiles! He has been so happy lately!

Happy Boy


Now for a fun week at the beach! I’m sure there will be twice as many freckles when I post on the way home!

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