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In the spring, my sister-in-law, Jennifer and I threw a shower for my husband’s cousin. She was expecting a sweet baby boy. Sadly, I forgot my camera so I had to borrow my mother’s, which I was finally able to get the photos from this weekend!

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For food, we had Chicken Salad Croissants, Pinwheels, Homemade Cookies, a Fresh Fruit Salad, and Birds Nest Cupcakes.


The cupcakes were a little harder than I thought they’d be, but I figured out some tips along the way. I used the recipe from Martha Stewart, but instead of making forty five little tiny birds, I just used Robin’s Eggs. I bought two bags during Easter clearance sales and only used the blues and whites. Since they are harder to get to stick, you’ll want to frost the cupcakes first, then add the eggs, ending by rolling the edges in your coconut shavings. Mine are very white, after burning the coconut too many times, I got sick of it and just used what was still good on the pans haha. Maybe if I’d only been making a few of these, or had lots and lots of patience and time, they would look more like Martha’s, but everyone seemed to like them and they tasted good. I also made a few without the coconut for those who don’t like it. These were quickly eaten up by all of the kids that came!

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What didn’t get photographed better- the doily’s in the background of the first picture are actually died and hung ombre blue. I wish you could see it, it was really beautiful in person and took me a ton of time. Lesson learned- don’t forget to bring your camera everywhere!


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