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SunSetSpanish moss, walks on the pier, sandy baby toes, afternoon naps, family, spontaneous trips to other islands, beach hair… why would I ever want to leave?


Simple answer- I didn’t

Spanish Moss

But, life goes on. We can’t all get to live in Paradise, but it is nice to visit

We loved our week at the beach, Sawyer was the best I’ve ever seen him. He has finally started coming out of the colic, and sometimes I get worried because he is content for so long. He’s more playful than ever, and talks all day long. Not sweet little coos, instead it is loud shrieks and yells, but they are happy and that’s what I love! I’m loving my time with him, and am trying to enjoy every minute of his growing up, I can’t believe is so big already. Next thing I know he’ll be in college! Mercy…


OakHillCemetary2We are spending this week at the beach, and decided to make a pit stop at a family grave on the way. I hadn’t been in awhile, and wanted to take Brandon and Sawyer.

FrederickGardnerOakHillCemetaryBirds Of the featherOakHillGraveFlowersCuteBaby

Oak Hill Cemetery, in Griffin, Georgia is filled with graves of soldiers, and large family plots. Ours is no different, my great-great-grandfather, a civil war veteran, and my great-great-grandmother are buried there along with other relatives. I try to keep a good sense of family history and hope that my children will have one too, I think it’s important to remember where you came from and those who got us where we are.


We also made sure that Sawyer got a good stretch; he had a lot of fun “flying” and walking around with us! He loves playing with his Dad!


I love his big smiles! He has been so happy lately!

Happy Boy


Now for a fun week at the beach! I’m sure there will be twice as many freckles when I post on the way home!

Doily Banner

I am finally getting to post one of my favorite showers I have ever done. This was a shower for my brothers soon-to-be (now is) wife. We wanted to do an outdoors, morning brunch with a mix of rustic and chic. On the invitations we put a small note saying “Summer Dress Attire Requested” to keep the feel of a summer soiree. I’m so happy with how it came together, it was a really nice, laid back shower. We had so much fun welcoming Becky to the family! 

Bowtie Napkins

Little napkin bows were on each place setting on top of a card with the brides name. Starting with each letter, guest wrote words of advice for the happy couple. The miniature silverware was tucked into the backside of each bow.

DSC_6258Rustic Centerpieces

Each centerpiece had a different, coordinating assortment of tin cans, mason jars, floral garlands, tea candles, and tissue flowers in varying shades of pinks, whites, and greens. We used wooden kitchen tables and chairs, mixing the chairs up between the tables to give it a shabby chic feel. This was great, because we needed to borrow a few anyways, so they didn’t look out of place! Stick to all wooden to keep the theme, but our chairs were all different sizes, and we even had a few white ones. Our tables were all different sizes and shapes too, we just made sure to use similar colored table clothes to tie it all together. I like the not too matchy matchy look anyways. For the brunch, we used gold chargers, gold rimmed plates, and mason jars as the cups.    

Birds of the FeatherBackyard Bridal ShowerBackyard Bridal ShowerBridal Shower FoodBridal Shower Food Bridal Shower FoodWatermelon Fruit BasketBridal Shower MuffinsRustic Bridal Shower FoodBridal Shower PunchMason Jar Drinks

On the Brunch Menu:

  • Muffin Buffet: Blueberry Streusel, Banana Nut, and Mountain Berry
  • Quiches: Spinach, Spinach & Cheese and Sausage & Cheese
  • Assorted Summer Fruits in a Watermelon Basket
  • Bite-size Ham & Cheese Sandwiches on Hawaiian Rolls
  • Southern Style Fresh Ambrosia
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Lemon Water
  • Strawberry Shortcake for dessert

Bridal Shower DecorationsDSC_6296DSC_6307Backyard Bridal Shower

Strawberry Shortcake Shower

Once the guest were done eating and mingling, we played a little game where the bride had to guess how the groom answered a list of questions. We asked the groom the questions the week before, video taped it, and showed his answers on a projector screen after she gave her guess to the question. This was really fun to watch, and was a good way for friends of the groom to get to know the couple better! After the game, she opened her gifts and then we brought out strawberry shortcake in dessert glasses. Favors were horse shoe key chains that had a small note saying “Thank you for coming and wishing the happy couple good luck!”

Kitty Cat

Even Miss Kitty joined us for a few minutes at the end!


I love bridal showers and this just makes me want to do another one! We had so much fun, and if you decide to do your own backyard bridal shower, leave us a comment with the pictures; we’d love to see them!



Backyard Bridal Shower Brunch

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