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OakHillCemetary2We are spending this week at the beach, and decided to make a pit stop at a family grave on the way. I hadn’t been in awhile, and wanted to take Brandon and Sawyer.

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Oak Hill Cemetery, in Griffin, Georgia is filled with graves of soldiers, and large family plots. Ours is no different, my great-great-grandfather, a civil war veteran, and my great-great-grandmother are buried there along with other relatives. I try to keep a good sense of family history and hope that my children will have one too, I think it’s important to remember where you came from and those who got us where we are.


We also made sure that Sawyer got a good stretch; he had a lot of fun “flying” and walking around with us! He loves playing with his Dad!


I love his big smiles! He has been so happy lately!

Happy Boy


Now for a fun week at the beach! I’m sure there will be twice as many freckles when I post on the way home!


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