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This little guy has already been spoiled SO much! This month we had the cutest vintage-book inspired baby shower and both me and the baby were so spoiled! It had such cute decorations and the most amazing food. Here are just a few of the highlights!


We had lemonade in mason jars on ice, already made up with fresh fruit, these were so cute and delicious!



Lyndsey’s record player played vintage records, setting the perfect, laid-back, outdoor mood.


Guest signed the sweetest nursery book that I can’t wait to read to our little boy when he comes! It’s was such a sweet touch, and so special to have kind words from all of the people that came to remember the day.


Pictures of the baby bump were on the table with fresh flowers and blue mason jars


I wish I’d gotten more photos of the food. On the menu: Chickfila Chicken Nuggets, Fresh Fruit and Veggies, an amazing Spinach dip, Pie Pops, and a D.I.Y. S’mores station! That was probably my favorite part, I stayed very close to that table all afternoon!



This little guy got so many present! Both he and I are so spoiled already, I had so much fun getting all the things we need to get our nest ready for him! The tiny clothes, tiny baby-size camo boots, his bedding, a swing, not to mention tons more cute and necessary things! I feel so blessed!


Thank you to the wonderful ladies who threw my shower- Elizabeth Jones, Lyndsey Crose, and Maddie Gardner! Lyndsey took some of these pictures, check out her recap of the party over at the Winsome Life!


Last week, my best friend Lyndsey, my sister-in-law Maddie, and Lyndsey’s mom, Elizabeth, threw me the cutest baby shower. It was a yellow and blue outdoor picnic, and I was so happy to see so many of my friends and family there. This little baby boy is already so spoiled! I’ll save all the cute details for my next post but here’s a preview:


Last week, at my Doctor’s appointment, the doctor checked me and apparently my body is doing things to get ready for labor that it shouldn’t do for another seven weeks. That means, this baby could come very very early, which would be very very soon! We aren’t quite ready for him to come yet, and I don’t think he is either. The Dr. said he needs about six more weeks before he’d be okay coming early, so that would put him at coming the last week of April! We just want him to be healthy and come when his little body is ready!


Last week, my gratitude for Brandon grew 1000%. I have had really painful back pain through my pregnancy and really miss sleeping on my stomach. Last night, Brandon made two piles of pillows on our bed, with a big gap in the middle so I could lay on them and let my belly hang down in the middle. It was so thoughtful and surprisingly comfy! I laid that way for a few hours while he studied for mid-terms and I edited some pictures from my last session. Speaking of…

DSC_5241 - Copy

Last week, I did the cutest session for a friend of mine’s two children. Don’t they have the bluest eyes? This will probably be my last client session for awhile, it was a bit awkward trying to move around with this baby in my way!

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