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Change, Change, Change

I have loved every minute of blogging here at Birds of the Feather, but have found on this blog, I haven’t been able to be truly me. It started as a part of my photography company, then to share pictures with friends, now a lifestyle blog and I’m ready for a fresh start! I hope you will join me on my new blog Good Morning Loretta!


It’s bittersweet saying goodbye to the blog that I ‘ve nurtured and loved for the past two years, but I look forward to getting to show you more of our life, more d.i.y. projects, and a whole lot of Southern-ness over on the new blog. So please follow me to Good Morning Loretta, update your links, and tell your friends!



Like Mother Like Son

The other day, Brandon reminded me that Sawyer in fact, does not look like me. So I present it to you for your own decision making. Does he look like me? My mind is already made up…

Sawyer on the left, me on the right.


Sawyer three days old next to my three day old photo.One

Serious Faces


Smiling faces. I’m a bit older here than he is. And chubbier.


Our matching profiles


Yup, he looks nothing like me ;)


With the fall air blowing our way, I’m feeling in the mood for a change. Rich colors, warm blankets, and snuggly clothes.


1. Art Prints from The Wheatfield  2. Cards from Rifle Paper Co. 3. Boots from DSW, Outfit from Anthropologie, and Baby Sweater from GAP    4. Witch art from Slippin Southern

Now to decide what to be for Halloween!

Mom Tough

I used to pride myself on the fact that I rarely cried. Don’t ask why, cause I’m not really sure, but I thought I was cool because I never showed emotion. I thought I was tough.

Then I got married. Then I had a baby.

Now, it is extremely easy to make me cry. Pull out Sawyer’s “coming home from the hospital” outfit. Gets me all watery just thinking about it.DSC_8244

Then start showing me pictures of our families. Tears start forming.

Then remind me I have to get up at six tomorrow. That’ll do it for sure.

Yay for being a mom. Yay for learning what toughness really is. And patience, and love, and service.

P.S.- When did this happen?


4 months old on Saturday!

Little Lamb Baby Shower

Menu on Table

This weekend was Becky’s baby shower. You may remember her cute backyard bridal shower that I blogged about here. Since she is doing a lamb theme in the nursery, we decided to celebrate the little baby with soft blues, sweet little lambs, and toile!

Toile Baby Shower Invitation



How cute is the fruit basket baby my Aunt Barb made?

On the Menu:

-Hummus and Pita Crisp

-Fresh Fruit Basket

-Pineapple Cheeseball with Crackers

-Deviled Eggs

-Chicken Salad Croissants

-Little Lamb Shaped Cookies


Lamb Baby Shower

For games we played the price is right, where guest had to try and guess the store price of various everyday baby items. We showed all the items, people wrote down their guesses and then after all of the items we revealed the real prices. Whose ever total was the least off won! It was really fun seeing how off we all were! We also played a little opt-in game called “Name that Baby Animal.” Each guest was given a list of animals that they had to write the baby version of next to; whoever got the most correct won.

Price is Right Game Baby ShowerBaby_Forecast_Game

Each guest also filled out a “Baby Forecast” card where they put their predictions for the baby. The momma-to-be got to take all of these home for fun when the baby is born. They also each have a great piece of advice!


We had such a good time and Baby Boy is already really spoiled! Congratulations Brock and Becky!

Labor Day

LaborDayatheLake (5)

Has your Labor Day weekend ever looked so cute before? Mine neither.LaborDayatheLake (3)LaborDayatheLake (4)


He’s a fish. He just wanted to swing or be in the water. Don’t mind my horrible, brassy highlights. They have been fixed. Finally. Thank goodness.

Modcloth Coupon!

Hello fellow deal-lovers. Just thought I’d give a quick notice that Modcloth is offering $20 off to Birds of the Feathers readers who make a first time purchase from their website! They sell the cutest vintage inspired clothes; some of my favorite items are from there. Click the picture below to go to their website and get this awesome deal! They don’t have such great deals very often!


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