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Menu on Table

This weekend was Becky’s baby shower. You may remember her cute backyard bridal shower that I blogged about here. Since she is doing a lamb theme in the nursery, we decided to celebrate the little baby with soft blues, sweet little lambs, and toile!

Toile Baby Shower Invitation



How cute is the fruit basket baby my Aunt Barb made?

On the Menu:

-Hummus and Pita Crisp

-Fresh Fruit Basket

-Pineapple Cheeseball with Crackers

-Deviled Eggs

-Chicken Salad Croissants

-Little Lamb Shaped Cookies


Lamb Baby Shower

For games we played the price is right, where guest had to try and guess the store price of various everyday baby items. We showed all the items, people wrote down their guesses and then after all of the items we revealed the real prices. Whose ever total was the least off won! It was really fun seeing how off we all were! We also played a little opt-in game called “Name that Baby Animal.” Each guest was given a list of animals that they had to write the baby version of next to; whoever got the most correct won.

Price is Right Game Baby ShowerBaby_Forecast_Game

Each guest also filled out a “Baby Forecast” card where they put their predictions for the baby. The momma-to-be got to take all of these home for fun when the baby is born. They also each have a great piece of advice!


We had such a good time and Baby Boy is already really spoiled! Congratulations Brock and Becky!


Use (1)co

In the spring, my sister-in-law, Jennifer and I threw a shower for my husband’s cousin. She was expecting a sweet baby boy. Sadly, I forgot my camera so I had to borrow my mother’s, which I was finally able to get the photos from this weekend!

Use (2)

For food, we had Chicken Salad Croissants, Pinwheels, Homemade Cookies, a Fresh Fruit Salad, and Birds Nest Cupcakes.


The cupcakes were a little harder than I thought they’d be, but I figured out some tips along the way. I used the recipe from Martha Stewart, but instead of making forty five little tiny birds, I just used Robin’s Eggs. I bought two bags during Easter clearance sales and only used the blues and whites. Since they are harder to get to stick, you’ll want to frost the cupcakes first, then add the eggs, ending by rolling the edges in your coconut shavings. Mine are very white, after burning the coconut too many times, I got sick of it and just used what was still good on the pans haha. Maybe if I’d only been making a few of these, or had lots and lots of patience and time, they would look more like Martha’s, but everyone seemed to like them and they tasted good. I also made a few without the coconut for those who don’t like it. These were quickly eaten up by all of the kids that came!

Use (3)fgi

What didn’t get photographed better- the doily’s in the background of the first picture are actually died and hung ombre blue. I wish you could see it, it was really beautiful in person and took me a ton of time. Lesson learned- don’t forget to bring your camera everywhere!

The funny thing about having babies, is it seems like everyone has them at the same time. For example, at my baby shower last month, there were five other pregnant girls there, and two with babies under three months. So, with all these babies, and all the showers, I’ve been trying to get creative with the gifts I give. I love sewing and love giving homemade gifts, so I thought I’d share a little basket I put together for a friends shower this month.DSC_6582co

Bib, Burp Cloths, Pacifiers, Finger Puppets, and PeePee Teepees


I loved these little guys when I saw them, and picked up a pack for myself too. They are really soft, and I loved finger puppets as a kid so I added these in. The only other thing I bought were the pacifiers; mom’s can never have enough!


The bib I made is reversible with the same pattern on the back, it’s just a different color, and then I made two burp cloths to match. I always make burp cloths with Terry cloth on the back. It absorbs more and is soft on the babies skin. To make it even easier, rather than buying the expensive terry cloth at a fabric store, you can buy towels from a store when they go on sale and then cut them down. I think I made 8 or 9 burp cloths out of one towel, so you save a lot of money and have the same result.


The PeePee Teepees I made, I used my own pattern, which I can share later if you’d like ;), they are SO easy and can be made with the scraps from the towel you made the burp cloths out of. I think I whipped these four out in about ten-fifteen minutes.


I also made a set of birdie themed ones for our little guy!DSC_6929 - Copy

So tiny! I love it!


I used chenille from the fabric store on the back of these ones. It is so soft and was a great way to use leftover scraps I had from making blankets.

The best part about this present is that part of it is homemade, and it’s really easy for beginner sewers to make the boutique-style burp cloths and the peepee teepees. Put it all in a cute basket that the mom can use in the nursery and you are good to go! I bought a few different fabrics and made some other variations of this same set for other friends. It’s especially fun if you know what their nursery theme is and you can match it to that, like this girls theme is safari, so I chose fabrics with giraffes and elephants, and the like. I hope this gives you some good ideas too! Good luck!

This little guy has already been spoiled SO much! This month we had the cutest vintage-book inspired baby shower and both me and the baby were so spoiled! It had such cute decorations and the most amazing food. Here are just a few of the highlights!


We had lemonade in mason jars on ice, already made up with fresh fruit, these were so cute and delicious!



Lyndsey’s record player played vintage records, setting the perfect, laid-back, outdoor mood.


Guest signed the sweetest nursery book that I can’t wait to read to our little boy when he comes! It’s was such a sweet touch, and so special to have kind words from all of the people that came to remember the day.


Pictures of the baby bump were on the table with fresh flowers and blue mason jars


I wish I’d gotten more photos of the food. On the menu: Chickfila Chicken Nuggets, Fresh Fruit and Veggies, an amazing Spinach dip, Pie Pops, and a D.I.Y. S’mores station! That was probably my favorite part, I stayed very close to that table all afternoon!



This little guy got so many present! Both he and I are so spoiled already, I had so much fun getting all the things we need to get our nest ready for him! The tiny clothes, tiny baby-size camo boots, his bedding, a swing, not to mention tons more cute and necessary things! I feel so blessed!


Thank you to the wonderful ladies who threw my shower- Elizabeth Jones, Lyndsey Crose, and Maddie Gardner! Lyndsey took some of these pictures, check out her recap of the party over at the Winsome Life!

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